Wake up Adventures

minority mind, time to wake and express yourself, nothing less then today its yours, take it off for while, dont even try to bargain, because your body and soul, need to restart, releasing all the normal activity and take the energy to next level,,

Be ready is better then if you need to start get ready again and again,,

Strong and calm with the nature,,
feel it your are king of your life,,,

The History

Major John Wesley Powell an American soldier called the father of the World Rafting. He introduced the first rafting down the Colorado River to as far as 250 miles across the cluster of giant cliffs, later to be named the Grand Canyon. when he used a small boat tesusun from wooden planks. on further developments in the Americas and Europe, the activities explore the river was growing into a highrisk sports are quite popular, and known as white water rafting.




You are the King of your Life !!!

Under Mount Slamet journey,
 Do something different, always will be many things that we produce, make us have a choice and idea, adventures will restore all of the potential of self, the technology can provide happiness, but will not equal happiness given to enjoy the natural beauty , because basically GOD created all the beauty of nature for humans, happiness is achieved by exploring it will bring positive energy, rafting on comal river among green trees, splashing water and rocks, hills and rice field landscape, together with people we love, is the perfection of a journey, which each of us will have their own story in memory ,,
Together with Rafting Rainbow Comal River

Have good Holiday Weekend,, for you,, :-)

Vacation benefits are good for maintaining the balance of the body’s needs. Vacation is a time that is eagerly awaited each family. Where we can spend time with people we love. Interrupted by a solid routine of work, vacation time needs to be undertaken to avoid saturation. Various ways that we can do to fill leisure time, recreation to tourist attractions.

Holiday benefits for health provides a good thing for the balance of the needs of the body, but that he is also beneficial for a variety of factors in life, daily routines performed continuously create a feeling of saturation that can generate stress. Tend not interested in melekukan sesuau, lack of motivation and fatigue are symptoms of stress. Research on 76 employees, showed the stress they tend to decline with the holiday.

Invitation to meet many people during the holidays allow you to make new friends from different places. This provoked the socialization you on things that are new and increase your knowledge. Do not close the possibility of getting new business partner. Traveling to places where your dreams can be one of the achievements that seen for the size of its own success. Although Relevance was widely considered to be just a little bit, but you need to know that a cheerful person full of happiness and a beautiful memory will be less risk of stroke.

Time each day increasingly limited with loved ones, capable of lowering harmony. With the holiday together, of course, you will have quality time with family. And vacation benefits are good for maintaining domestic harmony. Vacations are not only keeping in harmony, both children and husbands and wives can improve compassion each to look at the full life of love. What gives? certainly a sense of laughter and joking during the holidays become unforgettable. What will your memories with family for the future? one of which of course is an enjoyable holiday. Will make your holiday will not forget the family members as well as providing a sense of unity in the family. Believe it or not, married couples often go on vacation with the family has had a low level of risk to divorce than those who have never been on.


Sit together with Your Family and Friends

go pick up phone open web and see contact

make your Adventures Trips

The temples, Waterfalls, Slamet Mount, Rainbow Rafting

(Rafting, Kano, Tubing,  Fun Games, Rice Field Tracking)

Call Rainbow Rafting Comal River !!!

How far you can go!

Adventure is an unusual experience, but its interesting. Performers adventure called adventurous, that is, those who like to make the experience difficult, difficult, dangerous and others. Usually adventure has a characteristic courage, challenge, risk, the impact of which could be interpreted.  variety of activities with the potential physical dangers, such as exploring the forest, mountain climbing, rafting, or follow other extreme sports.

Experience the adventure really affect a person psychologically, and can be interpreted as negative (eg fear) or positive (eg challenge), and can be detrimental. For some people, adventure becomes a great hope in someone. According adventurer André Malraux, in his book La Condition Humaine (1933), “If a man is not ready to risk his life, where his self-esteem?”. Similarly, Helen Keller stated that “Life is a daring adventure or not.”

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